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If the family rejects their referral for any reason, they can be referred another available child in the region.

But families need to understand that they must completely and unconditionally reject a child referral before they will be referred another child, and agencies can not guarantee that a particular region will have another child immediately available to show a family.

It might be necessary for a family to return to the United States and than go back to Russia later to see a new referral.

Once an adopting family has accepted a referral, while they are still in Russia, they will go before a notary and execute the final documents necessary to complete the Russian paperwork.

The quality and quantity of this information will vary since each child's situation is different and each region in Russia operates differently.

(Russian adoption laws currently state that adopting families are to receive no information regarding a child prior to their first trip to Russia when they meet and see the child being referred to them.) From the information families receive, they will be expected to make a decision whether or not to travel to Russia and meet the child that has been referred to them.


Adopting a Russian child can be a bit more complicated than adopting a child from other foreign countries.Anyone considering adoption in Russia should consult their adoption agency about medical conditions that may disqualify them from adopting in Russia.RESIDENTIAL REQUIREMENTS: There are no residency requirements for adopting parents.The average wait has been between 4 weeks and 12 weeks. INTERNATIONAL ADOPTION RUSSIA FEDERATION PLEASE NOTE: Please plan to stay a minimum of three business days in Moscow to obtain documents and complete the medical exams necessary for the immigrant visa interview. Embassy recommends that flight arrangements for departing Russia not be finalized until the immigrant visa is issued. immigrant visa statistics reflect the following pattern for visa issuance to orphans ADOPTION AUTHORITY IN RUSSIA: The government office responsible for international adoptions in Russia is the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.


The adopting family is then ready for the final part of the process which requires the adopting family to make a second trip to Russia for this court date and the required "after-the-finalization" waiting period. Parents should calculate a five-day "cushion time" in the validity dates they request when applying for a Russian visa. PATTERNS OF IMMIGRATION OF ADOPTED ORPHANS TO THE U. Ministry of Education and Science #11 Tverskaya Street Moscow, Russia 125993 GSP 3 Tel: 011-7-095-229-6610 ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS FOR ADOPTIVE PARENTS: Married couples may adopt.

TIME FRAME: The average time for the adoption process is 5 months from the time US CIS approves the I-600A petition to the issuance of the immigrant visa.


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