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If you want to remember a face that goes with a name, for example, you need to use cognitive effort, say, to attach unique personal meanings to the features of the person’s face that somehow link to the name itself. Tying the “no’s” together will provide you with a lasting, if not flattering, association and you might remember Norton’s name even if you don’t see him for another 6 months.

Memory experts use a special form of deep processing in which they build a “memory palace” in their minds and associate random items—lists of words, numbers, playing cards—with the rooms and objects in that fictional location.

Many of these photos will be "selfies,” in which one takes a self-photo by switching the lens onto his or her face.

"So it's-a whack-a-mole type of situation." Tobon said these interactions can often lead predators to ask to meet the child in person.

"We understand the challenges of managing a social community and take our responsibility in protecting our users very seriously," said in a statement.

However, research by Fairfield University psychologist Linda Henkel (2014) suggests that taking a camera-ready approach to your life might actually cause you to lose, not retain, precious memories.

Psychologists know that, in general, it’s better to use so-called deep processing to make sure that you’ll remember what you need to from the vast array of sounds and images that pass in front of you every minute.To show approval, followers can not only comment, but can also send gifts.


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