Chat to naked people online

We also put it on the Cases Page where people might need guidance about which wines to put in the case; Angels can share their experience and tips to help them out.

““We can see here the genuine passion for the brand that this Angel is sharing with a new visitor.

There are also different forums that customers can join to talk about different topics with like-minded people who share their interests; the most popular is called “Naked Novices”!

Naked Wines does not moderate what is said, the idea is really to provide a free space for their angels.

A few of my nieces would've laughed about it anyway.'Realising Jon was not bothered by her threats, 'Marie' reduced the blackmail figure to £100 and wrote: 'I'm not afraid of the police and to know that I'm a guy and I belong to an organization and the police can't find me lol'.


I don't want them to do the same thing to other people.

And of course, those arguments have much more impact if they come from our Angels themselves, rather than us telling them!


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