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It is also fast to download, easy to install and will help you quickly figure out and clean up the problem.

They also are known for having great customer service so if you do run into any problems with getting rid of those pesky computer viruses, a quick call will set you on the right track to a clean computer for today and to keep you protected against potential future issues. Avast is by far the lightest and most popular antivirus system when it comes to this category.

Below you’ll find our 2017 top picks for Best Antivirus services based on a variety of factors ranging from price to features, needs, reliability and customer service.

Bitdefender is our 1st place winner for the best antivirus software program in 2017 and for the past five years running.

Avast has low system requirements and does not slow down your system.

This allows your computer to continue running at full speed so that you never even notice it is quietly keeping your computer safe from any potential intrusion activities while you surf the Internet, watch videos, prepare presentations, analyze vast amounts of data, read emails and more.


Kaspersky is making its way up in our ranking hitting our 2nd place spot for 2017.All of these activities take up a great deal of memory on your hard drive so it is important to have a protection system that works hard without you even noticing what it takes to keep you safe.


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