Consolidating email


Handle is clean and very easy to use, but those three main features seem slightly more disconnected than with the other apps on this list.

For instance, Handle doesn’t recognize dates in emails to quickly add to the calendar, plus the calendar doesn’t have an immediately available shortcut to create a new event from anywhere.

You can also add Evernote, Facebook and Wunderlist integration to your calendar to view and add events and reminders to/from those apps. Simpliday is the new kid on the block that beautifully combines calendar, reminders and email.

The main focus is the calendar and reminders, which are pulled right away from your i OS device — a much easier setup process than Microsoft Outlook.

You have your email in one tab, to-do list in another, and calendar in the last.

It also has a quick shortcut for creating a new to-do item.

For many, email is the center of the Internet because it winds up including calendar events, to-do list tasks, browser links and more.

However, the message reveals little quoted text, so who knows exactly what you wrote three months ago. Windows 10 developers must have had this situation in mind when they made grouping conversations the default in Mail for Windows 10, but some users prefer not to use the conversation feature.


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