Dating advice how to get out of the friend zone


However, when you’re the one doing the friendly pursuing, a guy’s reaction will partly depend on how you approach him.

In another previous post, I explained how maintaining a little bit of distance and mystery at the beginning of a relationship can keep a guy interested.

As we all know, men and women see things and handle situations quite differently.

For instance, a man will view intimacy as a way of showing a woman he likes her although he may not be ready for a committed relationship.

If he’s comfortable enough to say that, if he liked you he’d certainly be comfortable enough to say that – you know, I’m into you, or I find you sexy, or something. Spend a day peppering your everyday language with more sexual language.

You’re in the gym anyway, so do something sporty, something he’ll be part of. Next time, Matthew Hussey to tell us about his heart break.

For the man who wants to move out of the friend zone and into a real relationship with his female friend, this is possible but it can be a challenging conquest.


Many of our readers want to know, how to get out of the friend zone, so this article is exactly about that, keep reading…

When you become too close too quickly with a guy before getting romantic, he can take you for granted and lose interest.


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