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Start with the easy lead questions and conversation should start to flow.If you still have unanswered queries then wait and leave this for date No2...If I know the guy's pretty much on the same page as me, I don't need talk that much about politics because I don't have to.I move on to pleasant light topics to get things started, and enjoy my time talking with him about common interests or fun subjects.touch the leg........will start some interesting converstaion....might be bad might be good who knows but at least you got to touch the ummmmm just talk about everything except the weather, ur ex, boring shit like school and work........which ultimately leaves talking about SEX, TOYS and CHOCOLATE!!!


Obviously don't go on about your ex-boyfriends or -girlfriends too much.

You just have to hope the other person has a sense of humor or at least understands yours. As long as the other person can identify, almot any subject will ruckus! Yes talk about politics and religion if you like a 'hot' date. Montreal Guy is totally correct on asking open questions and listening to what she has to say.

I agree with Angel, Humor is a great way for both people to loosen up and get comfortable.

For example, if you ask “How do you feel about pirates? ” – well, you’ll know they probably aren’t 10s in the humor category. Or if the response to “Which Disney film would you like to push off a very tall cliff?


” is “Oh, I love them ALL,” well, you’ll know they’re liars.

The longer that goes, the harder the fall, and the louder the arguments become!!


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