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RSCloud is missing to God only knows where and during a problem Reno encounters, he ended up finding the missing savior. Roronoa Zoro's dream is to become the world's greatest swordsman. With the help of her friends, both old and new, she vows to get to the bottom of his behavior... Narumitsu Phoenix/Edgeworth When Tamaki was little and still lived in France with his mother, he was taken advantage of by one of his mother's close friends. Due to an accident, America has reverted back into his younger state temporarily. They spend nights together, and their relationship progresses.Stuck on a jungle island after his helicopter caught fire, Reno see's just how bad the situation is. When certain circumstances lead him from his course of travel, Zoro will have to make the hardest decision of his life. Kanda's eyes went perfectly round for a moment, his hand loose. What if the man suddenly shows up at Ouran as a new teacher? All the other countries see it as an opportunity to take over America. But what happens when Balthier cuts it off from fear? Kool-Aid is spat onto the computer screen and nothing is sacred...At least she gets to see her superiors making out on desks.Yaoi Ryou is not the kind, innocent boy that he often appears to be, and Mariku is forced to learn this the hard way. Funny that beneath his child-like cruelty and demeanor, Gilbert finds a heart of gold and even darker past than his own.



And it probably registered on everyone’s mind that he looked positively disappointed when he saw the new visitors he had while in sick bed didn’t include someone A loud noise stirs Vincent from his sleep temporarily. AU Kaka Iru Iruka lost his dorm room to an accidental explosion and was given temporary residence with Kakashi. Is there more to Kakashi's antics than meets the eye or does he simply hate Iruka? Don't read if you are teetering on the brink of insanity, because this will push you over the edge. The city is cold and empty, and the subway runs through it.

/post timeskip/ Sound Village mind f***ery/Errr This is a fic that is in response to an LJ challenge, blood and sex. BL, 18D, XD-rape, SD: Dino had always been drawn to dangerous things, despite his clumsy nature. After falling down a hole, meeting an enigmatic cat-boy, and struggling hard to stay, you know, *alive*, Axel's starting to get kind of fed up with this forest. Unfortunately for him, NONE of them seem to show any signs of giving up. Wanting to love, loving, and wanting are all very different things, as the two boys discover. Meeting again after seven years, Larry knew instantly that something was wrong with Phoenix's head. On an unexpected event, Kanda and Allen are forced to be parents or was it forced? When they both take their respective places in the mafia, they find time for the other every so often. Intense romance comes late in fic They were two different souls, chained together by an accident of Fate. I'v just been so crazy lately, it seems that my brain has melted... sorr When a predominant angst writer makes an attempt at comedy, the results are priceless. At the end of Dracula Alexander decides to continue live on becouse he met a certain person and fall in love with him. Barely having survived his final battle with Cloud, Sephiroth wants to find a place to be alone. Luckily, an unwilling helper has quite literally fallen into his lap.



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