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Had love, but lost it because I was too committed to my job.A unique dating and social media website created BY people on the spectrum FOR people on the spectrum.Thank you for being patient as our online community grows!This is a list of notable people who identify with a gender that is outside of the gender binary (non-binary or genderqueer).

Tutor me in love and show me what to do with my dangling participle. Passive-aggressive little person with a drinking problem ISO of Amazon woman with a love of literature, sea monkeys and Chevy Chase. Name is ‘Margaret,’ but I go by ‘Peg.’ Got a sack full of Snap-On tools, and really into pegging. Squirrelly celibate hoarder ISO of M/F with roomy sack and gaping hole to store my junk.

Intersex is an umbrella term used to describe a wide range of natural bodily variations.

It's important to educate yourself, particularly if you are dating an intersex person.

Taste my wood and let me shove my hand up your backside. Must be OK with buying a 30 rack of Natty Ice (cue: high five sound effect) and drinking it in the woods. I haven't met you yet, but I already know I hate your shirt, can't believe you're going to wear that belt with those shoes, tell you that you call your mother too much and don't do nearly enough around the house.


Witchy female recluse with scratchy voice, boney ”BEWARE” finger and uncanny ability to make a hyena cry, seeks sensitive male with a prostate-exam phobia. Must be experienced with Snap-On tools, or Zucchini. Smart-aleck puppet master, 54, fun loving and self-absorbed, in search of gay male ventriloquist assistant. Definitely not two 16 year olds standing on top of each other in a trench coat ISO anyone 21 . Must not care that my life is both aimless and shiftless. I will nag you until you want to shove a pistol in your mouth and blow the back of your head off. Whores of Babylon must get right with God before responding.


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