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Though Anonymous is best known for targeting corporate websites, pwning religious extremists, and championing Occupy Wall Street, members of the loose-knit group have more recently branched out to go after rapists.In Steubenville, Ohio, last year, the group was instrumental in highlighting the alleged complicity of members of a local high school football team in the rape of 16-year-old girl by two of their teammates and turning it into a national story.


He tweeted: Disgusted by the rape and the lack of outcry in its aftermath, Mc Kee spent weeks calling and emailing national journalists, urging them to write about the assault and the lawsuit against her blogger friend, who had hammered away at the football team and the community for their silence.

It only took the group about two hours, he says, to track down the photo of the alleged rape and identify the boys involved.

Now the group is threatening to name them publicly if the Canadian authorities fail to bring them to justice.

The next, like a virtual lynch mob of impulsive twentysomethings. ” says MC, who works as a roadie for a sound production company.

“What kind of [self]-respect do you got, to go bang an unconscious chick? Vigilante-style online activism “is still very much uncharted territory,” says Tim King, a visiting professor at the University of California-Berkeley who studies cyberbullying.Even now, only about a third of the followers of the largest Anonymous Twitter account, Your Anon News, are women, according to someone who helps run the account.


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