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In this way, Koch continues his role as elder statesman by introducing solutions for industry-wide problems that go beyond the liquid — more specifically, in beer delivery and stale, and should not be on that shelf." The problem was that most consumers — both then and now — simply don't know any better."The consumer may not notice that it's bad," he reasons, "but they will notice if it's good." So, in 1988, Koch became the first American brewer to include a legible freshness date on every bottle of beer his brewery produced."I realized that maybe 10 percent of the time, a Sam Adams draught did not meet my quality standards," he says.

"And I would venture that at least 10 percent of the craft beer on the shelves of the retailers…

This was a suicide mission." Back then, few drinkers knew anything but mass-produced adjunct lager; even fewer had an understanding that beer is a perishable product with a four-month shelf life.


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