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"The league already has a lot of African players, but I hope my presence here will be an opportunity to bring more players and give them an opportunity to get better contracts, to get respected and to have a chance in their life. "People say, 'football players are making money', but it is actually a way to deliver from this [hardship], it's their life.It's a different job but they still have to work to earn their money." Carteron is now looking ahead to the 2018 United Soccer League season and building a squad that can do better than their fifth-place finish in 2017.

Player-co-owner Drogba and his friend and coach Carteron, have both told KweséESPN that they hope to open doors for African players to feature in the United States in the near future.Drogba's long-time personal trainer is also the best friend of Carteron, while the latter has played a mentor role to the former Chelsea star in the past.


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