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Based on the condition and missing original parts, your Ibanez Model 2391 is worth between 5 and 0 today.

If this guitar was in mint condition with all original parts in place, it would be worth between 0 and 0.

Japanese-built guitars that are copies of American designs before the Gibson lawsuit are commonly referred to as “lawsuit era” guitars today.

Ibanez was certainly guilty of copying Gibson, Fender, and Martin models, among others, but they were also one of the most proactive companies when it came to introducing original designs.

However, there was a transitional period where models were still produced with both copied and original designs.

Your guitar clearly has a Les Paul body shape, but it has Ibanez’s original headstock design, a large adjustable bridge, and an elaborate tailpiece, which are all original Ibanez designs.

Other Ibanez Les Paul Custom-based guitars include the Model 2335, Model 2341, Model 2350, Model 2386, Model 2393, and Model 2398.

The question many of you may be asking is why the disparity in value between a real Les Paul Custom and a copy if the quality is comparable?


There is some belt buckle wear on the back along with some hardware oxidation, but overall the guitar appears to be in excellent condition.For most copy, budget, and value instruments from the 1960s and 1970s, I’ve noticed that they raise and lower in value proportionally to vintage and collectible instruments, which is the case for this Ibanez.


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