I have hpv and dating agency dating parent single

I’ll try to provide a few facts about HPV that might help get the conversation started…You’re on the right track to gather information and start thinking about what to say to your boyfriend about genital warts.


Like genital warts these are “treatable”, to date someone that wont get help for these type's of conditions tells me you must be pretty hard up..... Some strains of HPV do not show visible warts or markings at all...there are over a 100 strains of this virus. Ah, I can abstain from having casual sex involvements in order to safeguard myself from this stuff. That is why it is so important for women to get a pap test. It is a slow growing cancer and a pap test can catch it while the cells are in the pre-cancerous stage. As stated before, virtually everyone has it at some point and condoms don't prevent it.

I wish you good health, as well as courage in developing a trusting relationship.



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