Lebanese culture and dating

I suppose given the small gene pool floating around here it is understandable, yet the question does have some relevance, why are we seldom related to each other? Khouri or which ever way you care to spell it is derived from it's singular meaning. Ok, let me rephrase that, what I am trying to say is that if you surname is Khoury ect, there was most certainly a priest in the family at some point of time…Take my family for example, according to my late father and my great grandfather Farncis, he was a priest who very pragmatically and in accordance with the Maronite Rite opted to remain a village priest and got married.

Following the collapse of the Crusades, many of the soldiers settled in Becharre and built convents, the most celebrated of which is the convent of Saint Sarkis.Its buildings, its places of entertainment, its way of life and its outlook have tended more and more to resemble those of the West.Naturally, all this progress carries a distinctly Lebanese stamp but, it is, all the same, rather difficult to limit to Beirut one's true view of Lebanese culture and of Lebanon, land of the Cedars, of milk and honey.It is said that the source which supplied the water had dried up, with disastrous consequences for the agriculture of the region.


In the meantime, Christian followers of Saint Maroun reached Becharre and advised the inhabitants to go forth and consult Saint Simon for their plight.

A delegation was sent consequently to Saint Simon who told them to give up their false beliefs and adhere to Christianity.



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