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Chapter 1 One Saturday evening, Sue found Tommy sitting in the living room watching TV as usual. "Mom, uh, uh, you look, look..." Tommy stuttered trying to tell her how great she looked. As he drove, Tommy kept glancing over at his mother's legs. Occasionally, Sue would point out things about how he should act on a date.She had to work 12 hour days and sometimes Saturdays. Tommy talked her into wearing sexier clothes and had even convinced her that she looked great with short skirts and low cut tops. Besides, he almost felt like he would be cheating his mom if he dated. "Now wait a minute, you always say that I'm a nice looking girl and you don't get tongue-tied around me." "I'm serious Mom, I don't know what to do or say around girls. My God, he was 18 and he had only kissed two girls, she thought. He couldn't very well reach down and adjust himself.Now 18, Tommy had graduated from high school with honors and had earned a football scholarship to a local university. get tongue-tied," Tommy said, his eyes unable to meet his mother's. I've only kissed two girls in my whole life," Tommy blurted before he could stop himself. Sue held Tommy's trembling hand tightly, knowing that one more fraction of an inch and he would be able to feel her nipple.


Their life had been ideal--living in the suburbs, two-car garage, and nice schools. "You don't sound that excited," Sue said with a pout. Tommy drove to a small Italian restaurant that they went to on occasion. When Tommy opened the door of the car, and his mom slid in, he tried not to look at her exposed thighs again. No matter how hard he tried, his eyes went to the dark area between his mother's legs.Tommy wanted to date, but every time he was around an attractive girl, he would become tongue-tied and embarrass himself. When she turned back, Tommy took the opportunity to move his fingers downward again, getting half his hand under the top before she stopped him.It was easier for him just to avoid those situations. Now Sue held his fingers from the outside of the top. Tommy felt like his heart was going to beat out of his chest. He squirmed around, trying to find a comfortable position.Sue was more concerned about her son's lack of social development then she was about dating herself. I don't need to go out, besides, I'd rather be home with you." That had been his standard response.

She wanted him to go out and have fun, yet he would be home most weekend nights with her. " Sue said, sitting down next to her son and putting her arm around his shoulders. While the two years since the accident had been financially stable, it was emotionally difficult. You said you were going out with girls." "I'm sorry Mom, I lied. She had been foolish to think that she could read him. Sue didn't miss the move and felt another of those little shivers come over her. Suddenly, Tommy realized that his fingers were touching the top swell of his mom's breast where the soft flesh was exposed. The tips of his fingers moved further down until they were just barely under the elastic of her top. She wanted to stop him but it had been so long since someone that she cared for paid attention to her.


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