Nikki sixx is dating courtney


I felt an obligation to spread awareness about a disease about which so many are ill-informed since its attached stigma is shameful.

For me, this calling was more important than an active dating life.

In Courtney’s master bathroom, I noticed she lined her mirror with photos and love letters from Nikki.

As I stared at her mirror, I realized, I want an old-fashioned romance. And, when I learned to embrace and love the new me, I started getting dates.

I flew to Chicago so my parents could take care of me full-time. I went from a young woman living on top of the world to a person who fantasized about taking her own life.

Once I realized my ex caused my illness, I broke up with him. I feared no man would want to date me because of my incurable STD.

Additionally, my ex refused to pay for a penny of my medical bills, so I got a lawyer and began the long process of reclaiming my life.

I’m currently pursuing civil and criminal legal action against my ex.

Two years ago, I made a six-figure salary working full-time at a tabloid.I also wrote a weekly entertainment column for a Chicago newspaper and made regular TV appearances.I lived in Hollywood and found myself attending fabulous red carpet events and traveling to amazing places, like the Galapagos Islands, to cover some of Hollywood’s stars, like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. I found myself in the emergency room at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles with meningitis.I wanted to make the most out of this trip because I knew I’d be returning home to hell.

My first night there, I met a Canadian named David Hennessey.I learned years ago through my profession that it’s usually not a good idea to make your personal life so public.


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