Play fun dating games online

We have Love kissing games to play online, which would give you some ideas to kiss your love partners deliberately.

So, play these online games and dazzle along your dates.

We've prepare a love test for you and it's super easy to find out if two zo... Play this lovely game named Rapunzel Be My Valentine and help this couple celebrate their anniversary on the most romantic date!

Then why don't you help this young royal cutie here find her better half? Write your name and your crush's name, then you'll find out if it's true love or friendship! The three princesses are getting ready for school and they need to pick the best outfits. First of all you need to take care of the atmosphere to be proper for a valentines d...


Barbara and Kenny need your help to prepare for this evening full of love. Fighting crime in the city of love often creates magical moments for the Miraculous Hero and her boyfriend, but someone always gets in the way of that miraculous kiss. Jasmine and Aladdin are competing against Elsa and Jack for the coveted title of ? in our new, super fun game called Disney Couple Of The Year. Play Ariel And Eric Summer Fun and enjoy some really funny pranks by the Little Mermaid and her beloved prince!

Hey if you want to flirt, we also have the Perfect date flirting games, which can make your blind date fixed.


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