Roxio 6 has errors while updating

For My DVD 6.x or Digital Media Studio: This may be caused by removing certain non-Sonic/Roxio applications that share file resources with our Sonic/Roxio software.

If that happens to be your collection of MP3 or WMA CD rips, it’s going to be very quiet at your home or office until you get that hard disk back on line again and working.

To start your research, check out Table 3.1, where we present, in lineup form, the "usual suspects" that cause hard disks to disappear (as far as your PC is concerned) or not work correctly.

Table 3.1 gives you an overview of the "usual suspects" and their solutions.

The following products have been designed to be Window 7 compatible (as of January 2012): How do I get Windows 7 compatible Roxio software?

Existing customers can upgrade to the latest Windows 7 compatible software at the Roxio Upgrade Center.If the ailing hard disk is an additional drive, such as an external hard disk, it won’t show up in My Computer or Windows Explorer and you’ll see a "Missing Shortcut" error when you try to access files or programs stored on it.


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