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“Ideally matched to Bareilles' lilting melodic flights with their supple key transitions, her voice shifts effortlessly from a breathy whisper to a powerful surge of released feeling, all of it bathed in a signature warmth that makes her one of the most exciting discoveries to emerge on Broadway in recent years.” Mueller, 33, goes Off Script to talk finally finding a bathroom break, wrestling with Sara Bareilles’ continually challenging score and starring in the first-ever Broadway musical with an all-female creative team. Her journey, and how what appeared to be her faults on the page turned out to be her strengths. As Jenna, a pregnant diner waitress in the Deep South who makes extraordinary pies but is trapped in an abusive marriage, Mueller — who won a Tony Award two years ago for the title role in .They also attended Sunday’s 2017 Tony Awards together, where they looked adorable while posing on the red carpet.


Simon Brew Aug 18, 2017 Looking for a film to watch, that you might not have considered before? Sometimes, we figure, you come to a site like this just to find out about a film you didn’t know about.

It’s so joyful in the end, and altogether cathartic as an actor to go through. I could just say the scene with her husband before “She Used to Be Mine,” but then again, sometimes it’s an upbeat song in Act I because my face is plugged up from allergies. A 20-minute stretch routine before the show, which is also a time for me to check in with myself and see how I’m feeling that day, and give myself a moment of quiet before it starts. I like to stay in bed until 10, but sometimes I’ve been known to sleep in until noon with this show, which I’ve never done before.

Drink coffee, spend time with my boyfriend, keep things very chill until I head to the theater early.

“Miss Saigon, Les Misérables, The Secret Garden, Little Shop of Horrors, Chess — you name it, I was all about it.”She had a chance to write her very own theater cast album with Waitress — the hit 2016 musical she composed about a waitress in a small town who enters a pie contest » - Dave Quinn With the Amazon Princess’ live-action solo movie fast approaching, Warner Bros.

Home Entertainment has announced a Commemorative Edition re-release of the acclaimed 2009 DC Universe Animated Original Movie, Wonder Woman, which is set to hit Digital, Blu-ray and DVD this May. fighter pilot Steve Trevor crash-lands on the island, the rebellious and headstrong Diana defies Amazonian law by accompanying Trevor back to civilization.

There are no tricks up Shelly's sleeve here; she managed to tell a simple, heartfelt story that is imbued with messages of strength, female friendships, and the power of a good pie.


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