Scam asian dating sites my dns is not updating

It is not difficult for her to send him USD 200 - 400; moreover he will return it as soon as he gets home.

It is excessive to say that the man permanently disappears after receiving the money.

While staying in touch, you receive warm and hearty letters continuously saying she liked you from the first sight and she was searching for you for the whole life.

After you have been communicating for some time (it can be a week or a month), the question of meeting logically arises.

It all can sound so true that you first intention will be to help her, especially if you have any problems with money.

You will send her a money transfer and then one message after another.

He appears a week later when the girl is going out of her mind with worry and writes that he was robbed and taken to another town.

He has no relatives or friends that can help him with money and he has no documents with him. It is easy to excite pity when talking to a girl, especially when after a month of communication the person seems to be close and native.

If you really like the girl, you will most probably give her USD 200 to 300 for visa.

But there will be no answer, as after getting everything she wanted from you she will turn to processing the next victim.

Situation with girls is slightly more difficult; however, they also come across scammers.

The true gentleman will offer to send money for the ticket to see her.


After the money has been sent, you will finally say goodbye to your uncatchable love. Don't think that paying for her ticket is the single way to get your money.

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