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He keeps three bottles of rubbing alcohol on hand in his suburban New Jersey one-bedroom apartment to protect his tools from and other bacteria. on a Saturday night, and to prepare for his performance, Brett already has worked out, showered, gelled his hair and applied concealer to the dark circles under his bright blue eyes.Brett is a gym rat and former high-school wrestler with a muscular 5-foot-9-inch frame.Sean Begley went on to set a new record for the Eagles 5K Race.Five years after Green Day's "Dookie," punk purists had another platinum-selling trio to yell "Sellout! But for everyone not taking themselves so seriously, there was another reason to rock out to teenaged angst (real or remembered), with three dudes in their late twenties who cracked jokes about humping dogs and phone sex.Though they're not quite chasing mainstream success anymore, they're keeping their considerably large fan base happy.


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Enter producer Jerry Finn, known for his work with Green Day, whose expert touch brought a glistening pop sheen to the production of "Enema of the State." The fact that guitarist Tom De Longe and bassist Mark Hoppus both sounded like they'd received considerable vocal training since "Dude Ranch" didn't hurt, either.

MORE CLASSIC TRACK-BY-TRACK ALBUM REVIEWS: The Cure | Green Day | Soundgarden | Weezer And then there was the arrival of drummer Travis Barker, truly making the band a power trio.

We look forward to an even bigger and better race in 2017.


Congratulations to Sean Begley and Jennifer Haid for being the Top Male and Female winners.

The blond 25-year-old pours rubbing alcohol on a bright pink five-inch silicone sex toy and rubs it up and down with handjob-like motions.


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