Xxchat mobile

Nickname: Your_IRC_nickname Server Protocol: IRC Chat Server: irc.Proxy: None Chat Server Port: 6697 Chat Server Port for users of mobile carriers that block IRC (e.g.Verizon) : 8443 SSL Connection: Checked Username: Your_IRC_nickname Server Password: [blank] Real Name: Lukas Blakk NOTE : In 2012, Verizon blocked all access to irc.over cellular connections.You can start a private chat with another person who is also on irc.by doing This creates a new tab or channel that is just between you and that person.You must have a message to create the new tab/room otherwise the /msg command will complain that there are not enough arguments.All channels use English unless otherwise specified.



There are several ways to participate in IRC and here are a some common options.

When you connect to our IRC server, you will get portscanned from,, or



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